Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wee Wonderfuls Wednesday! Elvis Inchworm

For this third Wee Wonderfuls Wednesday, I decided to make the sweet Evelyn Inchworm from Hillary Lang's "Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love."

But an idea got into my head, and finally I just had to go with it. Maybe it's all the thinking about dressing up this month, maybe it was the challenge, or maybe I'm just kind of different ;) something made me want to make -- Elvis Inchworm.

{Elvis voiceover} Thank you, thank you very much.

I used a Merino wool blend felt that I got from BenzieBazaar on etsy. I love this stuff! It's so easy to work with. Whenever I cut felt I like to pin the uncut pattern onto the felt, then cut the two together. That seems to work much better for me than trying to trace the pattern onto the felt.

Once the felt was cut, I whipstiched the pieces together by hand. I'm so glad I followed the tip not to pin it, because it came together easily. It's a very fun, quick pattern.

Then I set to work on creating Elvis' hair. After a lot of fooling around (and googling "Elvis hair") I came up with a sort of "hair cap" that I whipstiched onto the head.

Next came the famous Elvis snarl. Did you know that Elvis snarled with the left side of his lips? I read that 95% of people snarl on the left side. I tried it, and I snarl on the right. Go figure.

Then the jumpsuit. Ah, those white, rhinestone-studded jumpsuits. My favorite is the one with the red, white and blue eagle on it. And you can't forget the red scarf!

Well, there he is. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but it was really fun to make.

And I did make an Evelyn inchworm, too, 'cause she's sooo cute! But I can't show it to you yet- it's a present for someone....shhhhh!


  1. Oh.My.Goodness!!! Words can't even express how much I love this! This is the most creative adaption of a pattern I have ever seen! Thank you so much for this post; it made my day. (I have some a Wee Wonderfuls obsession myself...if you want to, please stop by my blog and check it out. Although none of my projects have been half as awesome as yours is!)

  2. Amy, thank you. You are so sweet. I did check out your blog and your Bjorn Bjornson turned out fantastic. I'm looking forward to making him, too! -- Mary